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I am a graduate engineering student living in Germany. My idea of fun is programming in Python and C++. I am an outdoor person who loves biking over running. I hunt for problems and ponder over their solutions. I sketch portraits, play video games, and enjoy talking about new technology, particularly Sustainable Engineering.


Who I Am

I enjoy building robots. Though I started as a mechanical engineer, I was deeply intrigued by the interplay between hardware and software. Eventually, I started getting my hands dirty with software algorithms. Having had experiences ranging from designing suspension systems for a formula student racecar to developing object detection algorithms using AI for autonomous driving, I have constantly been on the pursuit of assimilating new concepts and learning new skills.

If not found at my desk working on side projects like building robot vacuum cleaners, or Arduino based RFID computer login systems, or Raspberry Pi based home automation systems, you can find me editing videos, flying drones, ocassionally spinning jog wheels or enjoying a good ride under the sun.


Education & Work


Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India
- July 2013 to May 2017 -

Master of Engineering in International Automobile Engineering, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt, Germany
- March 2018 - Present -


Jan - Apr 2017
Apr 2019 - Present

What I Work With

I deal with the following tools and technologies in my professional as well as side projects

Programming Languages

  • ▸ C++
  • ▸ Python
  • ▸ JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Programming Tools/Libraries

  • ▸ Docker
  • ▸ Git
  • ▸ PyTorch, TensorFlow
  • ▸ Unreal Engine Programming
  • ▸ Unity Scripting API
  • ▸ CMake, Conan Package Manager

Software Tools

  • ▸ Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework
  • ▸ MATLAB/ Simulink
  • ▸ LabVIEW
  • ▸ SolidWorks

Hardware Tools

  • ▸ Arduino
  • ▸ Raspberry Pi
  • ▸ NVidia Jetson TX2
  • ▸ NVidia Drive AGX Pegasus


Listed below are some of my interesting project works


Great Scott!

My muses, accolades, and more!


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
NFS Series
Transformers Series
Stephen Hawking
Sebastian Thrun
Mechanix Kit


Electrification Challenge - Winner
F2S-2018 @ Regensburg, Germany
AI-Autonomous Driving Challenge - Winner
F2S-2018 @ Mainz, Germany

Get In Touch

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I am always looking forward to connect with people. Whether it is a potential project or just to say hi, you can find me on LinkedIn or via E-mail!